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Aetherworks Miniature Gaming Survey

We are interested in what game systems you play and the source of your miniature gaming news. This will help us determine future products and systems to support, and we would love to gain your feedback and suggestions too! You can find the survey at: Aetherworks Miniature

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Assembly Instructions

We are in the process of sorting out some assembly instructions for the kits – again, if you are stuck on the assembly, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you out. Tweet

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MOAB Retrospective (Missing/Replacement Parts)

Thank you all for the reception we received at MOAB Рit was beyond expectations and we were trying our best to keep up with the demand We have received some feedback and in the off-chance you have received a building kit or blister pack with miscut/broken/missing parts,

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Mother of All Battles 2010 (Sydney, Australia)

We will have a selection of stock at the Mainly Medieval stand at MOAB 2010. In addition, the Malifaux tournament running on Monday will feature our Wild West terrain on both tables.

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Products and online store

We are in the process of getting our products up online – in the meantime, if there is anything you are after, you can contact us via email: sales (at) We hope to have our range of base inserts and Wild West terrain up shortly –

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Kickstarter Enquiries

Creators and backers who have enquiries can contact us via our support link.

Enquiries: Aetherworks Support

Wholesale Enquiries

Existing wholesale customers should log into the store account and contact us directly via the integrated chat.

Existing accounts: Aetherworks Store

New accounts: Aetherworks Support

General Enquiries

General enquiries: Aetherworks Support

For all other enquiries not related to wholesale, retail, fulfilment or Kickstarter.


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