FAQ: Wild West Terrain

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions from emails, conventions and online blogs and forums regarding our Wild West terrain, and we hope it will provide some helpful answers for you. You can contact us via the means listed at the bottom of the page, or leave a comment if you have further questions.

This FAQ was last updated on 29 October 2012.

What scale are the buildings and scenery elements?

All of our buildings at this stage are scaled for 30mm heroic scale miniatures such as those used in popular skirmish systems mounted on round lipped bases. The balconies, decking and carts are designed so you can place a miniature on a 30mm round lipped base (or smaller) fully on it. All of the windows are designed to account for base-height, so that figures mounted on bases are able to stand and be seen through them, and stick their hand out if they are in such a pose.

Can I remove the roof on the buildings?

Yes, the roof is fully removable from each building, so you can have miniatures inside the buildings during game play. You can also use the buildings to store smaller terrain elements when the gaming table is packed away.

Do the buildings have fully detailed interiors?

All of our buildings have fully detailed floors. They do not have internal walls or second storey floors at this stage, but we do have internal fit-outs planned as future releases that would provide these as well as decor elements such as tables and chairs in the future.

What material are they made of?

Our buildings and terrain are made of medium density fiberboard (MDF). This is a rigid material that can take both paint and glue, and be robust enough to survive being knocked around, roofs taken off and put back on, or miniatures standing all over them. MDF is the same material our 3mm thick laser-cut miniature bases are made of.

Can I assemble without glue?

All our buildings are designed to snap-fit without glue straight out of the pack. They can also be taken apart again if you wish to flat-pack them. Decorative elements, such as the roof spine, window and door frames, and building signs will require glue to affix.

What glue can I use?

We recommend white craft glue as it offers both strength and flexibility. You will need to allow at least 30min to an hour of drying time (preferably more) for the bond to reach full strength. If you wish to have your buildings and terrain assembled faster, or there are fiddly bits that need to stick immediately, you can also use standard superglue.

What paint can I use?

You can use the same paint you use to paint your miniatures! You can also use craft paint or house paint – this can be applied straight onto the MDF without undercoat as the MDF will readily absorb the paint. If you have access to an airbrush, this will make the shading and highlighting faster, though it is not essential. We do recommend you permanently assemble the basic building structure (with separate roof) if you intend to paint them, as the buildings can be difficult to assemble if large amounts of paint get onto the joins.

Should I paint my building before or after I assemble it?

This is really up to you! You can always snap fit then unpainted if you want to get them onto the tabletop quickly, then disassemble them for painting. We’ve tried both assembling first before painting, and painting them unassembled. There are pros and cons of each:

  • Paint then assemble: this makes it a lot easier to things like window frames as you don’t have to worry about keeping the lines neat. You need to be careful of paint getting into the joins (you can always scrap the paint away with a blade during assembly). On the two storey building with the balcony piece, this definitely becomes a much easier method as it can get hard getting the brush in. If you want to go for a vibrant colour scheme with contrasting trims, then we recommend this method.
  • Assemble then paint: You can really tie all the parts of the building together when painting it assembled. Things such as washes and dirt in corners become much easier to do. We recommend this method if you need to have the durability when you need the buildings for gaming at the same time they are being painted, and for simple buildings such as the flat roof single storey, it will still be a relatively easy task to paint.
Of course, the best answer is to do both! You can do the trim and large wood areas unassembled, then build the basic structure and add accessories like windowframes and signs, and finally finish it off with the weathering and dirt.

How can I customise my building after I build it? I want them all to look different!

Take a look at the article on simple ways to customise your wild west buildings.

This slot and tab join is too tight! What can I do?

We strive to ensure that we get good clean fits with enough “clutch” factor so that the buildings can stay together and be taken apart without the need for glue. There could be a number of factors affecting a tab and slot join that could make it too tight – the easiest way to get them to fit is to lightly shave away on one side of the tab with a knife. The MDF should cut very easily and allow you to mediate how much material to remove to get a better fit. You can do the same with a file too.

Remember, safety first – if you are using a knife, ensure you always cut away from yourself, if you are filing, ensure you use a dust mask and clean up afterwards!

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