Monthly archive for March 2012

Postage and Gift for International Customers

In order to provide some compensation and to let our international customers know that we are aware of these issues, for at least the next few months until we can find better alternatives, we will be including a special promotion for all international orders amounting to $50.00AUD postage or more of an exclusive Post Office building. The only other requirement is that these orders consist of at least 75% value in Aetherworks products (excluding postage).

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Simple Ways to Customise Wild West Buildings

We’ve seen a number of buildings built and painted now, and noticed there’s a few simple ways to really take your buildings to the next level. We’ll list a few here, and be sure to leave a comment if there are more things you can think of.

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Kickstarter Enquiries

Creators and backers who have enquiries can contact us via our support link.

Enquiries: Aetherworks Support

Wholesale Enquiries

Existing wholesale customers should log into the store account and contact us directly via the integrated chat.

Existing accounts: Aetherworks Store

New accounts: Aetherworks Support

General Enquiries

General enquiries: Aetherworks Support

For all other enquiries not related to wholesale, retail, fulfilment or Kickstarter.


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