Simple Ways to Customise Wild West Buildings

We’ve seen a number of buildings built and painted now, and noticed there’s a few simple ways to really take your buildings to the next level. We’ll list a few here, and be sure to leave a comment if there are more things you can think of. We see this as the first in a series of articles on how you can take your buildings to the next step.

Display Goods and Gribblies

One of the easiest ways to decorate a building is to simply glue some accessories that hint to the buildings purpose on the front deck. The example above by Jamie Downward (miniature from Wyrd Miniatures) uses accessories from a few different ranges to show the clutter that would sit outside a general store.

The Undertakers by Andrew Lum uses the tombstones and coffins from our Graveyard pack to emphasise the the nature of the work conducted by the building inhabitants.

Corrugated Iron Roof

Adding a corrugated iron roof is as simple as cutting the corrugated card to shape and sticking it on the roof.  You can find corrugated card for sale in craft sections of most stores that sell art supplies (the sheets shown above were purchased from a discount dollar store). Add a folded strip of card along the top to hide the join – you can see this on the work in progress building below, where we have used a white strip of card across the top.

Nick Fletcher’s Arcane Supplies and Seamstress buildings show how effective the corrugated iron roofing can look by painting or drybrushing it with metallic paints, and then applying washes to add in the effects of rusted weathering and dirt. Additional patches of corrugated card indicate areas where the roof has been repaired, giving a great ramshackle look.

Shingled Roof

With a bit of patience, adding a shingled roof using cereal card cut to shape and glued on the roof is the next step you can accomplish when you have enough corrugated iron roofs around town. Simply cut the cereal packet into strips, and snip wedges out so you have what looks like a row of teeth or a comb. Glue these strips overlapping each other on your roof and work your way up to the top, finishing off with a strip of card like the corrugated iron roof above.

Robert Sakaluk’s barber shop has both shingles on the roof and on the awning, and is finished off with a simple barber pole.

Custom Signage

Each of buildings comes with a blank sign that can be decorated in a number of ways – if you have a steady hand, you can paint the name of your shop straight onto the sign (and perhaps some flourishes and decorations too). You could also use transfers, or simply glue on a design you have created on the computer and printed out on your printer.

Our webstore has a range of signage that is ready to be stuck on and painted. The etched lettering makes it easy to paint, our tip is to go with high contrast between the background and the letters to really make the letters pop out. The town photo above by Robert Sakaluk and Andrew Lum feature the pre-made signage from the store.

We can also create custom signs if you want something customised to your game or setting – contact us to find out more.

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