Basing and Base Sizes for Impetus

Impetus is a 28mm scale wargaming system by Dadi & Piombo that can be used for Ancients, Medieval or Renaissance periods. We produce a range of MDF bases that are perfect for the game system.

To make things easier for you guys, we’ve summarized the common base sizes below along with their corresponding links in the online store – the following list assumes you are using 20mm or 25/28mm scale miniatures.

  • 40mm x 60mm – half width base for skirmishers and heavy infantry
  • 60mm x 60mm – half width base for light/heavy infantry and shooters
  • 40mm x 120mm – full width base for skirmishes and heavy infantry
  • 60mm x 120mm – full width base for light/heavy infantry and shooters
  • 80mm x 120mm – full width base for cavalry and artillery

Obviously you can mix and match the widths to match your own preferences as long as it totals 120mm, and the depth can vary so you can use deeper or shallower bases if that suites your models better.

To make things even easier, all our MDF bases can now be purchased as singles, or in bulk quantities, so you can get the exact number you need for your force.


Basing, Dadi & Piombo –

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