Introducing Wild West Objective Markers

We have a range of new objective markers for the Wild West range. These are essentially scenery elements that come with an integral base so you can use them as objective tokens or markers in your scenarios.

All the packs are designed to be snap-fitted together so you get get them out of the pack and onto the gaming table in a matter of minutes. When you want to  detail them up, you can pull them apart again, paint and glue them together, and texture the base.

Our first 4 objective marker packs are in the store and can be ordered straight away.


Objective Pack – Cart (50mm Base) $9.95AUD


Objective Pack – Gallows (50mm Base) $9.95AUD


Objective Pack – TNT Crates and Lit Markers (x5) $11.95AUD


Objective Pack – Outhouse (50mm Base) $9.95AUD

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