Miniatures and Vehicles for Pulp Gaming

It’s no surprise that we are big fans of the pulp genre here at Aetherworks, whether it be cinematic, Indiana Jones style adventures to the insanity ridden mythos of Cthulhu. Therefore we have decided to take some time out to give a primer of the pulp products we enjoy collecting and painting, as well as supporting products to help enhance your games.


The two big ranges battling it out (or complementing each other) are Copplestone Castings and Artizan Designs.

Copplestone Castings has the Back of Beyond range, concentrating on WW1 and Central Asia, which includes heroic adventurers and morally ambiguous mercenaries as well as troops and leaders for red Chinese, Bolsheviks and white Russians.  The High Adventure range features adventurers kitted out for different climates, as well as a supporting cast of tribes and natives, animals, critters and even dinosaurs.

Artizan Designs features the Thrilling Tales range – a collection of pulp heroes and nods to pop culture. The range also includes some more fantastical villains and henchmen, such as the cultists and the nachtjager. The Wild West and March or Die (French Foreign Legion) ranges can also complement these figures depending on your game (think the Foreign Legion at the start of the 1999 movie The Mummy).

And if you’re looking for a cheap way to get German soldiers, look no further than the Warlord Games plastic German Infantry box set. Enough henchmen to not-quite-foil your heroes escapes! If you’re looking for something a bit more out-there, you could equally try the WWII German Zombies by Studio Miniatures.


Copplestone Castings produces a range of vehicles that are resin with metal components. There are a lot of armoured cars, including the famous Rolls Royce armoured car utilised in the Middle East during World War 1 and the interwar period (perfect for accompanying your dashing archaeologists as they travel around Europe).

Sloppy Jalopy make a number of civilian vehicles which should fit right at home in the interwar period, including a number of variations of trucks and vans. They also produce miniatures designed to sit in the vehicles to further enhance the look (at the moment there are options for civilians and gangsters).

Fun Stuff

Did we mention plushy Cthulhu dolls? Perfect accessories or mascots for your games, especially when you occasionally need to call upon the support of the Great Old Ones!

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