Eucalyptus Bowl 2013 Scoreboard

We have designed a scoreboard for the Eucalyptus Bowl 2013 tournament with the tournament crest etched into the center of the board. The board comes with two sets of numbers (1-4) for you to keep score during your games, and is a perfect scenery element to incorporate into custom boards (the base is 40mm x 50mm).

This special design will be available for this month only, after which it will be gone forever (and you’ll have to wait till Eucalyptus Bowl 2014 for you next chance to get one – of course the date will be different)!

Note: If you’re ordering only the scoreboard, we can bring down the postage by sending it as a letter. Use the code SCOREBOARD at checkout. The same for international customers.

Eucalyptus Bowl 2013 Scoreboard $14.95AUD



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