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Aetherworks provides services to help with logistics and fulfilment in the Asia Pacific region for your crowdfunding projects. We can help with quotes and logistics options during your planning stage, right up to freight, warehousing and fulfilment of the final products. Furthermore, we can handle additional distribution into local gaming stores of extra or additional stock.

Please contact us at Aetherworks Support for more information, and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Shipping from Origin

The project owner can organise freight from origin to Sydney, Australia, or we can organise it. The project owner is responsible for all costs associated with transportation of the goods to Australia and to our warehouse. Please contact us for a quote if you would like us to arrange freight and delivery – we can cater for pretty much anywhere in the world, particularly from China (e.g. ShanghaiNingbo or Shenzen), the US, or the EU.

  • We recommend a conservative estimate of $3AUD/kg (~$1.10USD/lb) for shipping from China by sea-freight.
  • We recommend a conservative estimate of $5AUD/kg (~$1.85USD/lb) for shipping from US (West Coast) by sea-freight.

If you would like to air-freight your goods to us, then we can provide quotations using a courier service (such as DHL or UPS). In general, if your goods are going to consume less than 0.6 cubic meters (24 cubic inches) and is less than 50kg (110lb) then we recommend going with a courier service as it will end up the cheaper option.

  • We recommend a conservative estimate of $12AUD/kg (~$4.20USD/lb) for shipping for couriered air-freight.

Surplus Stock

We recommend a surplus of 5 to 10%. This allows replacement of missing items or components and damaged stock. We have channels to on-sell these once fulfilment is complete to recover costs back to the project owner. See Retail Distribution and Retail Launch for more information. Surplus can also be returned to an overseas destination (at project owner’s expense). For small shipments (less than a pallet) we do not charge warehousing costs. Larger shipments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Import Duties

Most board games and table top miniature games are exempt from duties. We can provide the broker used with the required information on the project owner’s behalf. Worst case scenario is to factor in an additional 5% for duties. The project owner is responsible for paying all duties, though we expect the majority of products to be exempt. Our recommendation is to build this into the shipping cost when planning the campaign.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Bulk Shipments

Project owners are responsible for paying all taxes levied on shipments. Our recommendation is to factor this cost into the backing structure for this region when planning the campaign. Australian GST is 10%. We distribute from Sydney, Australia, and as such, bulk shipment of goods to our warehouse will be evaluated for taxes payable for goods into Australia.

  • You will be responsible for paying all GST charges levied on the import.
  • We can act as the importer on your behalf and charge you the levied amount.
  • Shipments valued below $1000AUD (~$800USD) are GST free. You can value this as the cost of manufacturer. Note that this value needs to be inclusive of the shipping costs.

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Customs and Quarantine Processing Charges

Regardless of whether GST or duties are charged on the goods, please allow about $70USD for paperwork clearance. This is a fixed cost regardless of the volume (unless you are very large quantities (500kg+), in which case we can quote you a more refined value).

Fumigation Certificates and Packing Certificates

We recommend that you ship your goods on plastic pallets. Australia has strict quarantine requirements surrounding the importation of organic material, this includes wooden pallets the goods may be shipped on.  If you are unable to do so and need to use wooden pallets, you will need a Fumigation Certificate.

If you have your goods on plastic pallets, then you will only require a Packing Certificate. The Packing Certificate is a declaration by the shipper that the goods do not contain materials untreated organic material. We can provide blank packing certificates that you can fill out.

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Local Shipping Rate Table

We use Australia Post for local shipping. Postal rates are dependent on distance from the source of origin – all our shipments will originate from Sydney, Australia. These rates are calculated based on the average distribution of Kickstarter backers across population densities in Australia and New Zealand. The rates include handling and dispatch fees. They do not include costs of consumables or picking and packing. If your products come pre-packed in their mailing boxes, there are no additional fees and we will charge you the table rate.

2019 Rate Table+

Weight (kg)* Weight (lb)* Australia** New Zealand**
0.49kg 1.08lb $11.50 AUD $17.15 AUD
0.99kg 2.18lb $18.25 AUD $19.45 AUD
1.99kg 4.38lb $19.45 AUD $22.75 AUD
2.99kg 6.58lb $20.65 AUD $30.00 AUD
3.99kg 8.78lb $21.85 AUD $34.50 AUD
4.99kg 10.98lb $23.05 AUD $39.50 AUD
5.99kg 13.18lb $24.25 AUD $45.50 AUD
6.99kg 15.38lb $25.45 AUD $52.50 AUD
7.99kg 17.58lb $26.65 AUD $59.50 AUD
8.99kg 19.78lb $27.85 AUD $67.50 AUD
9.99kg 21.98lb $29.05 AUD $75.50 AUD
10.99kg 24.18lb $30.25 AUD $83.50 AUD
11.99kg 26.38lb $31.45 AUD $91.50 AUD
12.99kg 28.58lb $32.65 AUD $99.50 AUD
13.99kg 30.78lb $33.85 AUD $107.70 AUD
14.99kg 32.98lb $35.05 AUD $115.50 AUD
15.99kg 35.18lb $36.25 AUD $123.50 AUD
16.99kg 37.38lb $37.45 AUD $131.50 AUD
17.99kg 39.58lb $38.65 AUD $139.50 AUD
18.99kg 41.78lb $39.85 AUD $147.50 AUD
19.99kg 43.98lb $41.05 AUD $155.50 AUD
20.99kg 46.18lb $42.25 AUD (Max 20kg/44.00lb)
21.99kg 48.38lb $43.45 AUD
(Max 22kg/48.40lb)
+ We reserve the right to amend these rates at any time based on your project’s backer population densities, exchange rate fluctuations, or rate changes within Australia Post.
* Shipping Weight is the greater of the actual weight or the volumetric weight of your parcel. Generally this is not an issue for boardgames, but please contact us if you are unsure. Please be sure to include the weight of packaging (such as the mailing box) when using the below rates for estimates. The maximum weight for a single parcel is 22kg for local Australian destinations and 20kg for New Zealand. 
** These costs should be multiplied out per “wave” of product and per-parcel to an individual backer within a “wave” that the project owner expects to disperse. An additional mailing charge will be incurred if parcels are returned and need to be fed back into the postal system for redelivery. It is important that you ensure you provide us with the most up to date backer information along with contact details for us to follow up undelivered parcels.
A processing fee of $10.00AUD will be incurred for returned parcels – we will inform you and it will be at your discretion on whether this will be shipped to a different address or added back to your inventory.
Please ensure your pre-packed mailing carton dimensions adhere to section D8.1 of the Dangerous and Prohibited Goods guide. All goods to be packed within the cartons must meet ALL requirements of the guide.
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Logistics and Processing Charges

We can provide unloading of un-palletised containers at a rate of:

  • $250.00AUD for a 20′ Container
  • $500.00AUD for a 40′ Container

This fee will be waived if the goods are palletised and wrapped – this cost is to cover additional labour hours required and additional logistics and safety requirements.

Picking and Packing

If your project contains loose items and require picking and packing, we will require an additional week to source packaging consumables such as mailing cartons and schedule in additional staff to handle picking and packing. We will charge you back for the consumables, and labour will be at $0.50AUD per pick. This charges will be on top of the mailing rates as specified in the above link.

Consignment Data

Ideally, project owners would forward us a spreadsheet of backer information (name, address, backer or packing slip id) before the date of arrive to our warehouse of the product to allow us to pre-load onto our systems. Postal tracking also requires email addresses and phone numbers for the consignee, this information must be supplied so we can provide this data to Australia Post and fill out the proper paperwork for international consignments. If picking and packing is required, then this data can also be provided via a spreadsheet.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on number of units –  for small volume order (less than 100 backers) with all data ready beforehand and product delivered pre-picked and packed, turnaround can be within 2-3 days of receiving shipment. General rule of thumb is, if picking and packing required, add one week per 100 backers as a conservative estimate.
We highly recommend picking and packing be done at source of manufacturer, as this will be the most cost-effective solution for project owners. We can provide contact details for picking and packing to be done locally in China (and we can subsequently freight from the picking and packing location) if your products are being manufactured there.


If we choose to accept fulfilment of your project, we may request an upfront payment of 50% of the estimated shipping charges. The remaining amount plus additional costs (such as consumables and reposting of packages due to changed addresses) will be settled upon completion of the fulfilment.
  • Payment to cover the cost of fulfilment can be made via Wire Transfer ($15AUD fee), Paypal (2% fee) or we can, at our discretion, be reimbursed by sales of floored or surplus stock at distribution pricing.
  • Payment can be made in USD or we may convert the USD amount to an AUD amount based on the daily exchange rate, depending on your preferred payment method.
  • If subsequent Kickstarter campaigns are planned, we can accrue credit from the sale of floored stock towards fulfilment of future projects.

Retail Distribution and Flooring Options

 Aetherworks can assist in a coordinated marketing campaign starting with the Kickstarter distribution followed by a retail campaign to hobby and gaming stores across Australia and New Zealand. Project owners are welcome to include promotional and point of sale material that we can distribute to retail accounts. We are open to options to distribute the product and can coordinate with project owners to include extra stock for retail distribution along with the Kickstarter shipment.

Trade Show and Convention Exposure

Aetherworks can provide representation of your product at shows such as Penny Arcade Expo Australia (PAX AUS), which last year had over 40000 attendees with keen interests in gaming and tabletop.  We also can help coordinate distribution of demonstration product to stores, games libraries and volunteers.

Our Previous Fulfilments

Below is a selection of campaigns we have helped fulfil for the Australia and New Zealand region.


Please email for more information if you would like us to partner with you for Asia-Pacific logistics and fulfilment.

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