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X-Wing Compatible Movement Templates

  Last month we introduced a range of movement templates compatible with popular space fighter games such as X-Wing. We have have two pairs of matched colours: Flourescent Green Flourescent Red Translucent Blue Translucent Red These are all available now in the online store. AE11001TR Movement Template

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Wild West: Recent Releases

We had a few new releases over the past few months while we were revamping the website and never got a chance to do a formal announcement about them, so here is a quick summary (links to the online store for the corresponding product page): One Storey Building

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Kickstarter Enquiries

Creators and backers who have enquiries can contact us via our support link.

Enquiries: Aetherworks Support

Wholesale Enquiries

Existing wholesale customers should log into the store account and contact us directly via the integrated chat.

Existing accounts: Aetherworks Store

New accounts: Aetherworks Support

General Enquiries

General enquiries: Aetherworks Support

For all other enquiries not related to wholesale, retail, fulfilment or Kickstarter.


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