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New Alternative Balconies for your Wild West Buildings

There’s nothing like a building built to your exact specifications. We’ve created some alternative balconies for the two-storey building that you can use to add a bit of variety to your town! Both these items are available in the online store today. And if you want to

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Rectangular Wild West Building Signs

We’ve had a number of customers ask if we do building signs in other shapes so they can add variety to their wild west towns, so here we present the first offering of building signs in rectangular shape.

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Wild West: Recent Releases

We had a few new releases over the past few months while we were revamping the website and never got a chance to do a formal announcement about them, so here is a quick summary (links to the online store for the corresponding product page): One Storey Building

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Store is online!

The store is now online – barring the product photos (we need to get photography and post-processing organised). All of the products we had at Cancon 2011 are now online and can be ordered. As mentioned, payment is via Paypal and shipping is at Australia Post rates

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Online store

We’re slowly adding products to the online store – you’ve probably noticed a few changes to the site layout over the past week. As we iron things out, URLs or product descriptions are still likely to change, but most of it is there and in place. We

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Kickstarter Enquiries

Creators and backers who have enquiries can contact us via our support link.

Enquiries: Aetherworks Support

Wholesale Enquiries

Existing wholesale customers should log into the store account and contact us directly via the integrated chat.

Existing accounts: Aetherworks Store

New accounts: Aetherworks Support

General Enquiries

General enquiries: Aetherworks Support

For all other enquiries not related to wholesale, retail, fulfilment or Kickstarter.


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