Aetherworks operates as an Australian distributor of gaming and hobby products. We specialise in tabletop miniature games, roleplaying games and board games.

Ranges we Distribute

  • Aetherworks Hobby and Gaming Products
  • Magazines
    • Tabletop Gaming
    • Wargames Illustrated
    • Miniature Wargames
    • more…
  • Dice
    • Chessex Dice
    • Koplow Dice
    • CritSuccess Dice Rings
  • Battlefront Miniatures (Flames of War, Gale Force 9, Team Yankee)
  • Corvus Belli (Infinity)
  • Reaper Miniatures (Bones, Master Series Paints)
  • Mantic Entertainment (Kings of War, Walking Dead, Hellboy)
  • Cigar Box Battles (Cigar Box Mats)
  • Evil Hat Productions (Fate System, Dresden Files)
  • Ninja Division (Super Dungeon Explore, Relic Knights)
  • Chaosium (Call of Cthulhu, Runequest)
  • Wyrd Miniatures (Malifaux, The Other Side, Through the Breach)
  • and more…

How do I get an account?

In order to obtain a wholesale account with Aetherworks, these are some of the criteria that we look at when considering the suitability of a client for an account. It is by no means an exhaustive list:

  • Be a registered business with an ABN or similar international business registration identification.
  • Your business has a primary focus on tabletop gaming and hobby products and be advertised as such.
  • Have a bricks and mortar retail shopfront (not residential address, P.O. box, online only, or market location).
  • Clearly advertised trading and store opening hours.

If you have sufficient evidence that your business meet all of these criteria and you wish to open a wholesale account, please contact Aetherworks Support and one of our representatives will help you out.

Kickstarter Enquiries

Creators and backers who have enquiries can contact us via our support link.

Enquiries: Aetherworks Support

Wholesale Enquiries

Existing wholesale customers should log into the store account and contact us directly via the integrated chat.

Existing accounts: Aetherworks Store

New accounts: Aetherworks Support

General Enquiries

General enquiries: Aetherworks Support

For all other enquiries not related to wholesale, retail, fulfilment or Kickstarter.


PO Box 189, St. Peters, NSW 2044, AUSTRALIA

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