Aetherworks operates as an Australian distributor of gaming and hobby products. We specialise in tabletop miniature games, roleplaying games and board games.

Ranges we Distribute

  • Aetherworks Hobby and Gaming Products
  • Magazines
    • Tabletop Gaming
    • Wargames Illustrated
    • Miniature Wargames
    • more…
  • Dice
    • Chessex Dice
    • Koplow Dice
    • CritSuccess Dice Rings
  • Battlefront Miniatures (Flames of War, Gale Force 9, Team Yankee)
  • Corvus Belli (Infinity)
  • Reaper Miniatures (Bones, Master Series Paints)
  • Mantic Entertainment (Kings of War, Walking Dead, Hellboy)
  • Cigar Box Battles (Cigar Box Mats)
  • Evil Hat Productions (Fate System, Dresden Files)
  • Ninja Division (Super Dungeon Explore, Relic Knights)
  • Chaosium (Call of Cthulhu, Runequest)
  • Wyrd Miniatures (Malifaux, The Other Side, Through the Breach)
  • and more…

How do I get an account?

In order to obtain a wholesale account with Aetherworks, these are some of the criteria that we look at when considering the suitability of a client for an account. It is by no means an exhaustive list:

  • Be a registered business with an ABN or similar international business registration identification.
  • Your business has a primary focus on tabletop gaming and hobby products and be advertised as such.
  • Have a bricks and mortar retail shopfront (not residential address, P.O. box, online only, or market location).
  • Clearly advertised trading and store opening hours.

If you have sufficient evidence that your business meet all of these criteria and you wish to open a wholesale account, please contact Aetherworks Support and one of our representatives will help you out.